Maker/Creator – Basil Bangs
That store with the umbrella's.  
Yep.  That's us.
Those fabulous beach umbrellas ... Be they printed with Pineapples.  French stripes.  Cynthia Rowley flowers. Geometic stripes.  With the most delicious fringe detail. And high quality poling systems.  And marine grade hinging.  And complementary carry bags.

Can you tell that we're fans?

[ Basil Bangs utilize marine grade hinging ]

If you've shopped with us at our Ferry Rd, you'll know the Basil Bangs collection is on display (in all it's collaboration glory) at the front of our space.
The brand represents a generous dose of what we're about.  An adventure lifestyle.  Getting outside.  The beach.  Beautiful prints.  Quality craft. And the most beautiful of people - inside and out.
We want to connect you today, not just with the Basil Bangs collection, but with the said, beautiful people, and heart and soul behind the product.
Based on Sydney’s northern beaches, Basil Bangs is headed up by husband-and-wife duo, Mike Durante and Krista Huebner.  
This season, we've taken time to connect about their design inspiration and the process behind creating a quality product and stand out collection.  

[ Krista & Mike :: MAKER/CREATOR of Basil Bangs ]
We always enjoy discovering the process of original design. Can you share yours with us?

We’re working parents to two small children but we also like to have a beautiful house. They’re not always compatible! So everything we design and make has to be easy to look after, practically indestructible and WORK. I’ve got no time for cleaning. Would rather be having a good time, wouldn’t you?
All of our products are designed to meet a need – we want to make things that are better, more functional, and that still look great. Mike’s background is in technical product design and mine (Krista’s) is in the arts.

I tend to set a challenge (aka brief) and Mike makes it work and look good. 

Original design makes the world go around. It’s the biggest opportunity to solving life’s problems, BIG and small.

[ Basil Bangs outdoor umbrella in Botanica ]

What is your design inspiration each season?

Aesthetically, we’re inspired by practical and functional elements, and then everything from arts and craft to nature and technology. Our Japanese kitchen knife was the starting point for our rain umbrella handle, and a watercolour painting left in the rain was another.

Practically, often the problem itself is the inspiration – working out how to solve it best is a good challenge.  

Some of our products are quite technical in a mechanical sense, others rely on amazing, specialized fabrics. We work with all suppliers in our supply chain to develop or discover cool new things and work on how we can integrate those into our products. It is is quite inspirational!
Depending on what we’re developing, things can take anywhere from six months to three years to develop. New products undergo significant design development, prototyping, testing, re-testing and testing again. Good design is all about testing, trial and error and continuous improvement.

[ Basil Bangs Botanica Umbrella and Love Rug setting ]

What materials do you use in your product?

We use a variety of materials across our products … Anodized aluminium and stainless steel metals, outdoor canvases, timber, high grade molded plastic parts ... depending on their use and application. We use the best available materials for the application and source it from wherever it’s best: Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. 
Plastic is a dirty word, but sometimes (like when you’re dealing with salt-spray and sand!) a marine-grade plastic is the perfect material for the job, so it’s about making the plastic as durable as possible.

Single use of any material is bad, not only plastic.

Most of our products are repairable or feature replaceable parts.
Our timber is sustainably sourced and we use timber that would otherwise be a by product of another process. We also LOVE timber that has knots, grains and texture – so sometimes, timber that may be passed over because it looks too much like timber (!!) gets a second chance with us. Yey.


[ Basil Bangs Love Rug in Botanica ]

Where are your goods made?

All of our products are assembled by a modest (but mighty) team in China – they put a lot of love and care into their manufacturing and they’ve been doing it for years. They adhere to strict environmental standards and have great people working for them. We visit all the time and work with them closely to develop new techniques and products – aka drive them crazy with outrageous idea and chasing the smallest details. It’s all part of the fun.

[ #DwellConsciously with Basil Bangs ]

Is living sustainably important to you?

Absolutely! I think it’s easy to become overwhelmed by environmental guilt but I’m a strong believer in ‘little bits often’ and ‘leading by example’. Sometimes it’s not always about the big gestures but the daily small things, which truly do add up. They also feel achievable and can lead into more, and bigger, things. 
Little things we do daily: We try to walk as much as possible, pick up rubbish on the way to Kindy and at the beach, I try to buy groceries as unpackaged as possible, but if I can’t avoid it, make sure I get to the soft plastics recycling bins. Nude lunchboxes for school, good quality water bottles and Keep Cups for coffee. Mike’s ‘man lawn’ has been reduced too (sorry mike). Turf is the worst for fertilizer and water use, it’s all about having a garden, chooks and veggies. Gimme the birds, bees and nature baby!


Basil Bangs is obviously, an incredibly stylish beach choice.  From the umbrella collection, to the (indestructable) Love Rug to the rust proof beach bag, it's Instagram heaven all the way.
But in addition.  Basil Bangs is a perfect pool styling choice - by way of umbrella, table cloths and place settings.
The Love Rugs make a gorgeous (and very long term) wedding or baby gift. Perfect to picnic with or use as a play mat.
The collection features a range of colours and prints and can suit all styles.  If you're a minimalist try Geometric Powder by Sarah Ellison or the Tessuti collection.  If you're attracted to print you'll love the Ananas Pineapple print, the Day Tripper florals by Cynthia Rowley or the Bontanica print (as featured) by Australian designer, Louise Jones

MORE about the incredible Basil Bangs colaborations HERE.

[ Autumn18. Original artwork created for Dwell Store by Art-Work Agency ]

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March 28, 2018 — Dwell Store