Daydreams, Wildflowers & the Amazonia. Introducing New Season Basil Bangs.

"Our collection this year was heavily influenced by the colours and sounds of growing up in the 80s and the dusty colours of the pacific coast and the southern California desert from our recent road trip there."

It was like we put our collective memories to a sound track of Neil Young and through a Super8 filter …

"Think bubble-o bills, fibro shacks, zinc. The whole family squashed into the Kingswood going to the Gold Coast for holidays. Mixed tapes, terry towelling and tans. Faded vinyl, big florals, and crochet. Zinc on the nose, tan lines and tanning oil."

These were the words of Basil Bangs Designer, Krista Huebner when we connected about her seasonal inspiration for their Spring/Summer 18 collection.  

Our response?  Ok. We'll take everything. We're in.


[ Spring/Summer 18 by Basil Bangs ]

Krista Heubner is a fireball.

As bold as her Wildflowers collaboration with Leah Bartholemew she's a mile a minute when you chat with her. 

She doesn't mince words and is the sort of person who will always speak her mind. 

With a background in arts and marketing (and a husband with radical industrial design qualifications) you can see how she has secured her Basil Bangs collection with the it's well deserved reputation of premium Australian beach accessories.


[ Basil Bangs Amazonia outdoor cushion ]

Krista kindly visited our store a few months back to show us her new collection (and very quickly had a circle of interest cooing over her Love Rugs). 

In addition to the inspiration behind the range we made time to chat all things #DwellCreatively  

What does creativity mean to you?

How is creativity part of your world?

Playing made up games with my girls. Drawing and Painting. Getting in the garden. Trying to read more.
I’m trying to create time to just be creative – even if that’s heading off to an art class once a week so I’m forced to go and do it.
Long walks with no headphones…the more I give my mind the opportunity to wander freely the better ‘creative life’ is!
"Being creative is also hard work – you have to keep flexing that muscle – and it’s often at odds with running a business and juggling commercial realities. You have to be able to turn off the ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’ if you’re going to be creatively brave and take risks. I find that so challenging personally, and can sabotage the process along the way."


[ Wildflowers Beach Umbrella.  A Basil Bangs collaboration with Leah Bartholomew ]

What inspires you creatively?

Making stuff and being in nature is always reinvigorating. There’s something to the Japanese practice of ‘nature bathing’ that seems so obvious.

We are beings from the natural world, it makes sense that we should be out, IN it. 

 I also love art, fashion … it’s frivolous and fun and colours and shapes are endlessly inspiring. Artists like Olafur Eliasson, Janet Lawrence, Fiona Hall: they present conceptually really interesting ideas in lovely, immersive ways that challenge how you experience and understand something.

My mum is pretty inspiring – she’s an artist forever – naturally curious, creatively brave, endlessly experimenting with cooking in the kitchen, glazes on her ceramics, painting techniques…gardening, you name it. She teaches me a lot but also definitely stretches my brain. I can be a bit judgy first up, but I get there in the end. LOL.


[ Basil Bangs Day Dream Cushion ]

Do you have a special creative process you follow in the creation of your collections?

Mike and I will mood board colours, artworks, pictures and patterns we’re loving. Mike’s great at colours and I’m more about mood and feel. Together that kind of drives our process…and ultimately informs our shoots and playlists.

I’m a Gemini so naturally a bit of a bowerbird, and will be quite divergent in my directions.

I’ll usually have 2 very strong directions I want to take. Mike helps crystalise it and pull the collection together. He’s the Virgo and beds down the details.

[ Daydreams Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs ]

Do you think your products help people to live more creatively!?
They’re colourful, fun and nice to have around you because they WORK and enhance what you’re doing. They don’t take away from it, they just make it better (hopefully!).

We strive to include thoughtful features that you might not have known were there but what ultimately make you LOVE the Basil Bangs products.

For example, you might not realise how much a sealed wet pocket in a beach bag will actually change your life. We recently got an email saying as much. I love those!  
If more people lived creatively, how do you think our world would be different?
I love what creative people like Joost Bakker are doing to raise the profile of zero waste and practically discuss sustainability conflicts & conundrums. To me, he’s the ultimate in solutions-based-creativity-meets-aesthetically-driven-creativity. I think he’s a hero and aspiring to change the world. I’d like to think that’s the type of creativity we should all be rocking (or trying to!). 

 [ Spring/Summer 18 by Basil Bangs ]

#StyledbyDwell || Gifting, Entertaining and Styling ideas for a Contemporary Lifestyle

The Basil Bangs collection has been a longstanding favourite edit at Dwell Store.  For personal style and gifting solutions it's front and centre for us extending far beyond the Spring and Summer seasons.

The Basil Bangs beach umbrellas are not just an aesthetic wow but incredibly functional too.  From home to the park to the sand, they fold easily, twist into the ground easily and can be carried in the custom carry bags here there and everywhere.  The beach umbrellas make a perfect wedding, housewarming or very special birthday gift.


[ Amazonia Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs ]

Next on our must list are the Basil Bangs Love Rugs.  Seriously these are one good looking life hack.  Spill proof, rip proof, easy to clean (just wipe them down) and can pack into a handy little carry these cuties are a boot addition you won't know how you lived without.  Perfect for picnics, the beach, outdoor concerts and garden parties the Basil Bangs Love rug again make a perfect wedding, housewarming or very special birthday gift.

Finally, the home collection.  Cushions, table cloths and a small selection of place settings ... our customers love these items. The Basil Bangs home collection is beautifully styled indoors but has really been designed with the Australian outdoors in mind.  Pool areas, boats and outdoor patios are areas we spend a lot of time in through the warmer months but they require specialised design.  All Basil Bangs items are crafted from marine grade fabrications so you can confidently style and gift with these area in mind.  


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September 20, 2018 — Dwell Store