To Love & Adventure with Stacey Peric of @WeAreKindSir


Stacey Peric (of @wearekindsir) is one of those people that you can spend 3 hours with, down 3 coffee's and still have more to talk about.

In fact, you're highly likely to walk away with more to muse about than when you arrived because seriously ... she's inspiration in abundance.  

You may have met  @wearekindsir at our Christmas party last year ... ?  Stacey kindly POPPED UP at Dwell Store, taking bespoke orders for her handcrafted key rings and luggage tags.
And GOOD news. She's back on deck for Father's Day. 

You'll find KIND SIR LEATHERWARE at Dwell Store on Saturday 25th August from 10am to 12 noon.


[ Kind Sir bespoke leather tag with S'well bottle ]


Stacey lives with her family - her husband Mark & their two cherub children, Leni Love (6) and Rocco Soul (nearly 2) on the island of South Stradbroke.
In the picturesque setting of Melaleuca trees, date palms and open beaches they live a highly contemporary lifestyle quite different to the traditional Gold Coast groove. 
Her husband Mark is a musician but if he's home, they spend their days together, exploring nature, home schooling, entertaining friends, creating and building their businesses.
** Dwell Store & @wearekindsir acknowledge the Quandamooka people as the traditional land owners of Stradbroke Island. We pay respect to their Elders – past, present and emerging – and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Gold Coast community.

We asked Stacey ... "What does it mean to you to #DwellWell?"

"Years ago, I wrote an iPhone note titled “Dream Life”.   Hilarious! I actually found that list recently and was pleasantly surprised we had brought some of the list to life. Living in nature and especially living at the beach is a biggie for us. It’s so healing and reviving (and free!) to step out into fresh air and regroup in such a simple way. Being close to the ocean and looking at the horizon has a way of bringing everything back into perspective."

Time is a huge part of living a quality lifestyle.

"Time to truly be with our children and enjoy them while they’re young. We work mostly from home so are able to scoot away in the boat for a few hours in the middle of the day or pop to the beach to catch the morning sun. Being healthy in our minds and body is something that is also very important to us. Choosing and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy but the benefits for us are massive and so obvious, especially for our babies, Leni & Rocco. I’m a big believer in the importance of face-to-face contact and living in community so this is also something that’s a non-negotiable for our family."

[ The KIND SIR gang all wrapped up in KØBN ]


Perhaps it was the picturesque setting of the island, perhaps it was the array of multi use lifestyle items we took over for our editorial shoot ... but we soon got chatting with Stacey & Mark about the topic of #DwellConsciously ...

"Living consciously is so important to me because I want to leave the small part of the world I occupy better than I found it for our babies’ sake. Everything is connected and if we can respectfully and thoughtfully choose what and how we buy, what we throw away and how we live, we affect not just our lives but so many others’ lives around us."

"I first became interested in Zero Waste Living after reading Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. She’s wonderful! Her book changed my opinion on recycling and challenged me to focus on what we bring into our home rather than focus on what to do with it once we have it. This has meant for some interesting conversations in and out of our home eg. The time I refused a promotional plastic flag at a shopping centre for Leni saw me receive some “Oh, that poor little girl, her Mum won’t let her have a flag” looks and the time Leni was chatting about her 6th birthday party to one of her friends and told her she wouldn’t be having balloons because they made from plastic... Eek! Never underestimate what children are taking in with every conversation you have with them. These conversations are what shape their future and their way."


What lifestyle changes have you made/are you making to grow multi use lifestyle in your world?

"We use stainless steel water bottles instead of single-use water bottles, reusable silicon straws for the kids’ morning smoothies, beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap, say no to plastic straws when we’re out (when we remember, work in progress!), faithfully take our own bags (including our brand new LaLa Land tote!) shopping and politely refuse plastic bags. We also just started using “soap nuts” for our clothes’ washing. Who knew there was such a thing? So good!"


[ NEW IN :: Reusable Market Tote's by La La Land ]


In a curious juxtaposition, Stacey is on the front foot of most EVERY contemporary trend (think fashion, interiors, education, food, music, travel, entertaining) yet is an avid champion of SLOW living.
Saying no to the rush, the workload, the commercial ... and YES to a unique, considered, uncluttered, meaningful life.

More on her #slowliving lifestyle here.

And this flows into her giving mantra.  In fact, it was the entire inspiration behind her business and @wearekindsir brand.

"The very act of giving a gift begins with thinking about another which is what makes it so special. Gift giving can be and should be exciting! Conjuring up that perfect something is much easier than most people think and once you have struck gold, there’s nothing like seeing the reaction to not only the gift but the thought behind the gift. So, so rewarding!"

What does gifting WELL mean?

"There are so many aspects of gifting WELL but for us, it’s firstly about putting in time and thought into the gift and secondly, choosing a gift that will last over something seasonal or “now”. Thirdly, and this is something that’s becoming more and more important to us is choosing something from a business that you know to be ethical in their practices and ethos. Not always easy to do but well worth the extra effort in the long run."

Kind Sir offers a considered selection of key rings, luggage tags, clutch purses & wallets.  Each piece offers the opportunity of bespoke customisation ... meaning the purchaser can choose a personalised stamping, making each piece unique.
[ Bespoke luggage tag creation by KIND SIR leatherware ]

STACEY on Design & Creativity

"I think when products are designed well and with deep thought, they automatically last. From materials to the product design itself, something that has been crafted slowly will always stand the test of time and become more and more loved the more it is used."

"We have a small range of classic pieces and are slow to add to our range as we want to take seriously what we put to market and ensure it is always something useful and worth releasing to our beautiful customers."

How do you incorporate creativity into your world?
"The outdoors is a big factor in creativity for me and our family. Nature is a constant inspiration and provides the most incredible colour combinations that make the heart go boom boom. Getting outside with the wallabies/goannas rustling about, breathing fresh air and hearing the ocean rage so close by is such a cure-all. It’s so rejuvenating especially after a crazy day with the kiddos!"

I’m a serial forager (just ask Mark, insert eye roll) and I use this as a creative outlet in our home.

"Picking up fallen pieces of foliage and fronds to add some warmth to our home, makes me happy. Music plays a huge role in our family. Nothing like a good crazy kitchen dance-off to bring back some sanity and help the good vibes and creativity to flow again. I also love to read. I’m obsessed with language, conversation and thought so reading allows my imagination to wander and the wonder of the world to remain."


[ On route to beach with Mr. Elk ]

Father's Day 18.

The #DwellWell vibes will be flowing this coming Father's Day.  What's on the agenda for the KIND SIR crew?

"Because Mark works mostly from home, we are fortunate to have access to him a lot of the time. Yay for us! This Father’s Day, we’ll be showing him how much we love him with some handmade treats from the kiddos and some other little surprises on the day. Time together and relaxation are big for us on special days like Father’s Day."


Thank you to the Peric family for sharing their day with us.  The Art-Work agency crew for photography and styling and Couran Cove for a most glorious sunset.  

[ KIND SIR #toloveandadventure beneath Basil Bangs ]

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August 16, 2018 — Dwell Store