Stand Against the Ordinary with La La Land.  Totes.


Our customers are AWESOME. 
Everyone is SO on board with the plastic bag ban ... Kudos, to every polite "no thank you" we receive when we offer our Dwell Store bags instore. 

On the other hand, the NEW reusable tote collection by La La Land is flying out the door.

From jungle to Australiana kitsch we're just loving each of the original illustrations (be sure to look twice at the Wild Fur You design) ... and hope you do too.


Creative people are the best. 
We're so excited to introduce you to Elie Azzi and Ludivine Chu - the Founders of La La Land - and share a little about the behind the scenes process of their design and production.


"For us it’s about illustration more than design. Well ... the illustration is the design or plays a big part of the design. Our point of difference is to apply illustrations on functional items that become a part of everyday living. Our challenge is to come up with original illustrations that people would love, are original and relatable."
What is your design inspiration?
"When we see something that amazes us in design, fashion or art, we often think, how interesting it is, that what was once in someone’s head is now in front of us."  
"Pop culture and flora and fauna would be our biggest and most consistent categories. For example, iconic people from the past and animals in the wild are two themes we currently find fascinating. A big influence would also be the media, fashion, music and art. We're also currently exploring cultures and the way people from certain countries express themselves visually. We collate ideas by pinning pictures or photos on Pinterest."



"After the creation of the creative brief, we pass it on to our in-house artists Lilly Perrot and Murilo Manzini. We also give creative briefs to artists we publish the work of. When the artists finish the artworks (process of brainstorming, sketches, different phases, changes, more changes and final artwork) we then look at designing the packaging."


What materials do you use in your product?
"We use everything from paper, melamine, plastic, canvas and ceramic. Because we are all about the illustration, we choose material we could or have artworks applied on."
Has longevity and the environment been considered in your product?
"Yes. For example, we were once recommeded to use bamboo instead of melamine but when we saw how easily bamboo breaks and how the quality and finish isn’t as great, we stuck to melamine as the material."
"We also found that bamboo isn’t as friendly to the environment as most people perceive it to be because of all the chemicals mixed with the bamboo."

We take pride in the fact that people who purchase La La Land don’t purchase our products only to be thrown out.

"We like to think that most people collect or at least treasure the greeting card given to them. We also have launched a range of shopping bags as an alternative choice to the plastic throw away ones."

#StyledbyDwell || Gifting, Entertaining and Styling ideas for a Contemporary Lifestyle

Father's Day 18 is obviously quickly upcoming. We're all thinking about creating the perfect gift edit and planning a special day for Day this September 2nd.
Regardless of occasion, La La Land is a GO TO for occasional gifting. 
With a choice of classic, Australiana and just plain hilarious notation cards they are a definite 'must addition' to a well thought out gifting box.
Find the La La Land Father's Day cards (alongside a host of great lifestyle solutions)  in our #mangift edit.
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August 23, 2018 — Dwell Store