Escape The Ordinary – Creating a New Year that Matters.
The general vibe in store this week is 'life' assembling back to shape ...
People are returning from their holiday adventures (beautifully tanned), easing back in to work and our parents are soaking the final days before school resumes. 

It seems 2019 is GO!


We've been musing in store this week on the year that's been and the year to come.   Asking the big questions and reflecting on both what matters and what's going to be the main game for 2019.

#DwellWell moments and a quality lifestyle are highly personal but overall, we're all in agreement that we want our adventure game to be strong this year.  For the next lap around the sun we'll be championing ...


Here's our musing on what needs to happen.


People matter.  Our families, our friends, our colleagues, our community.  Life is better when you have deeper relationships - and those things take time & intention to build! #DwellConnect

As incredible as our digital world is, we want to be fostering the REAL.  Both in store and at home, we want to be putting people first and choosing to listen more, care more, share more.

Who were your favourites in 2018? How can you grow these relationships even more this year?  Who did you lose contact with last year?  Is there anyone you need to reconnect with?


Life is best when we're creating and building the 'something' that is on our hearts.  It could be a beautiful home, a business, a human!?, a community project ... whatever it is, building activities are healthy and keep us connected to our passions and talents.  
What were you most proud of creating in 2018? How can you continue to build on this for the new year?  Do you have a project on your heart that you've been avoiding? How can you bring it to life this year?
We can't wait to continue with our MAKER/CREATOR stories in 2019 ... Each our our brand designers hold so much inspiration to glean from.

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Quality over quantity is a central mantra for us in store and in life.  Relating not just to our lifestyle products but our spaces, our friendships, our food, our media ...  In this busy world, simplification and discernment for quality is a must. 
We're really looking forward to revisiting and digging in to our #DwellConsciously conversation again this year ... discovering and sharing our designers thoughts on how living more with less is best for us AND our environment.
Do you have any areas in your life that are too full?  How can you simplify and choose quality over quantity this year?


Life is best when we know our personal values, our individual style ... and live accordingly.  When we understand who we are and what matters we will choose unique experiences - people, places, products - that reflect what we think is important.  Life's too short to be mass produced.
What areas of your life most reflect what you stand for?  Are there areas in your life that could reflect you more?


As we welcome the new year, we're inspired about not just taking holiday adventures this year, but building an adventure spirit. Stirring courage to step out of the familiar and into ... new ideas, new dreams, new experiences & new levels. 

It can be easy to stay in the familiar.  An adventure always involves an element of the unknown ...  But one thing is for sure, a good adventure is worth it.

Where are you going to adventure this year?

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January 10, 2019 — Dwell Store