Feel Good Beach Style.  Introducing our Favourite Sunshine Accessories!
Two feels you don't want when you head beach side ...
1.  Sunburn.  We've all been there.  And it never ends well.
2.  Being the person sitting on the faded out dog towel.  Hmmm. Nope. 

Not when you can be the person looking über style city under your Basil Bangs brolly lathering on your We Are Feel Good Inc.  Yep, feelin' good.  All day long.

Nearly as exciting as it being warm enough to swim again is ... the return of We Are Feel Good Inc. to the shelves at Dwell Store!

Preservative free. Paraben free.  Oxybenzone free.  It's a SPF50+ that is so deliciously creamy it'll put your iced coffee to shame.

And extra YAYS.  Due to popular demand, the 200ml bottles now have a new friend by way of 400ml bottles with a pump.
Love is something everyone needs in their life.  It makes logical sense therefore to have a Love Rug (or two) as a part of your world. 

Beach mat, picnic rug, ultimate Christmas Carols setting ... this little piece of heaven is a true lifestyle item.

The new season collection by Basil Bangs is literally flying out the door.  Be sure to take a peep at the fresh collaborations - hello Ken Done! - as well as revisit some favourites from last year that may have been sold out before you had a chance to nab one.
PS - Each Basil Bangs Love Rug is packaged in a delightful gift box.  Which elevates you to instant ultimate gift giver status.
And more good beach style news.  It's your reward if you've read this far.
New season treats have started arriving in store from Mayde Australia!  Hand loomed, Buldan cotton turkish towels - in colours that very conveniently compliment the Basil Bangs collection ... 
We have landed two styles so far.  The Crescent Towel in Mustard and Dusty Pink & the Dreamtime towel - in the prettiest rainbow of tones.  Find them in our Beach Style edit!
But the ultimate Feel Good beach accessory?  A good friend. 

Because life anywhere is best shared with those who matter most to us. 

Bless, there's plenty of room on and under the Basil Bangs collection for two.
#DwellWell and enjoy ALL the sunshine moments you can this Spring.
Thank you for joining us on the Dwell Journal for our Spring of 19 journey - Celebration.
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October 31, 2019 — Dwell Store