In Focus – Contemporary Style.
It’s interesting how a personal aesthetic comes together.

Elements of personality, individual style, travel, culture, family heritage, trends, age and lifestyle … blend together to give (ideally) a visual story that is eye catching and relatable.

Now, we love any sort of compliment in store … (don’t we all!?) but one of our favourites is a generous gushing regarding our interior fit out. And bless our clients' cotton socks, we get them often.

“We love your floors.”
“What sort of wood is this?”
“This counter is amazing.”
“Who created your wall feature?”

 Post compliment however, often follows the challenging question of …
“What do you call this style?”

It’s SUCH a hard question!  Does any of us really know the name of our personal style? 

But we’ve done some pondering of late.
Digging into our Dwell Store brand, style influences and aspirations.  We’ve been on a journey to discover what it means to be #StyledByDwell …
And there’s a certain recurring theme.
[with Scandinavian influences]
You’ll see it in our brand edit.
You’ll see it in our fit out.
You’ll see it in our print style.
You'll see it in our interior styling.

Strong elements of clean lines, simplicity and a focus on the intricate details of design.
Emmalene Salter is the founder of Dwell Store and was also the key style inspiration behind our space design. These are her thoughts on Scandinavian style …
"It's definitely an influence for us. Both in our brand aesthetic and our product edit.
Scandinavian design really represents our idea of contemporary and urban style.

We introduced a lot of elements in our store design that are popular in the Northern European aesthetic.  Polished concrete floors, our slatted back wall, clean, strong lines with timber and black accenting.

I'm really attracted to the juxtaposition of Scandinavian style.  It is so pared back - but then there is so much focus on the minute design details.
Like the Little Birds by Normann Copenhagen.  They are such a simplistic creation but when you delve into the design inspiration you discover each has been hand turned from Oak and each beak has been intentionally shaped to represent a living personality.  
We ensured our design foundation for our Ferry Road store was striking, yet as simplistic as possible to allow our collections and beautiful products to really stand out.

I see Scandinavian style as timeless.  Products and an aesthetic that just doesn't date and will always be relevant to every generation.  

Look at Iittala. They've been creating their iconic glassware since 1881 and it's just as beautiful and functional now.
Perhaps it is because Scandinavian style often has a strong functionality element.  It is design that supports purpose, not just for the sake of it.  Marimekko does this really well.  Their iconic prints, the Unikko Flower for instance, are bold but very simplistic.  They are placed on everyday items like a cup or a towel - creating style in the everyday experience.  One of my FAVOURITE items in our edit is the Folded Vase by Menu. This is a piece of art that can stand alone but is also functional as a water source for a floral arrangement. I have a number of these around my home, in various colours and sizes.
Finally, my favourite element to Scandinavian design is the nature influence.  At first I think Scandinavian can appear to be modernistic - but it generally rebels the use of plastic and man-made materials to favour woods, concretes, leather and stone, elements you'll find throughout Dwell Store. The nature focus is also outplayed in the incredible quality of Scandinavian design.  It's certainly a buy once, buy well culture".
Have you ever considered how you would describe YOUR personal style?
A style that uniquely represents you, expressed by way of your home, your gifting, the way you dress and entertain.
How do YOU express yourself, your culture, your travels, your aspirations?
We love to see our edit curated in such unique ways when they arrive in your home.
Share your style with us on Instagram with the tag #StyledByDwell.  We'd love to share it with our world.
Feeling STUCK?
PINTEREST is a great (and super safe) way to refine style. Pin anything that you are attracted to and then review your collection as a whole.  You'll find key style elements like colour, texture, shapes begin to emerge.
SIMPLIFY.   Sometime style gets complicated and hard to define when there is tooooo much going on.  You may like our January journal post on streamlining HERE.
GOOGLE.  There are great articles written interviewing inspiring stylists and decorators and various style aesthetics.  Here's a deep one on Scandinavian design if you'd like a read HERE.
And always remember, there is nothing we enjoy more than working alongside our clients in store to help them both discover and then perfectly express their style.  Private out of hours appointments are available upon request.
IMAGE CREDIT ; Claudio Kirac of ArtWork Agency
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February 15, 2018 — Dwell Store