Giving More Than A Gift ... Baby.  Welcome to New Season by Toshi!

Baby gifting is a significant portion of Dwell Store.  From baby showers to first birthday gifts, a new baby is sure to inspire celebration and brings so much joy.

In perfect timing for Spring, new season Toshi has arrived! 

Abundant in original design & prints (and the softest of organic fabrics) you'll be certain to find a perfect gift amongst the collection of rompers, muslin wraps, accessories and toys.
This season - in addition to considering the perfect baby gift - we're extending our thinking.  How can we gift our babies MORE than the physical?
Tomorrow is the Global Climate Strike.  People all over the world are taking to the streets to demand an end to fossil fuels and the mining of natural resources in order to protect our environment.

Interesting.  Topical.  Controversial. 

Especially because it is a political event encouraging young people to participate.  Whatever your thoughts on the various matters, in store, we champion the idea of personal responsibility.  What can WE do in our OWN lives to live in a way more harmonious and respectful to the environment?  And how can we gift these lifestyle choices to our babies?

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY .  We've always loved the mantra of 'buy once, buy well'.  Thinking carefully as to the need of an item in your life and then considering the design and quality of your purchase.  Choosing to support design and production that will be long lasting and extensively used will always have a positive environmental impact.  
CHOOSE TO REUSE .  From water bottles to coffee cups.  Plastic bags to paper plates.  There are many examples where we can invest in reusable lifestyle items - and after a short time these items will offset environmental production impact.
WALK OR BIKE . It's easy to raise a placard in opposition to petroleum but perhaps not so easy to give up the car all together!  Walking or biking is obviously a more environmentally favourable choice - if you can't do it all the time, collectively even once or twice a week, can make a positive difference.
LIGHTS OUT . With the extended sun hours of Spring and Summer, it's the perfect opportunity to make the most of natural light.  Choosing to go offline, turn the electrical lights off and open the windows reduces carbon outputs and benefits our emotional health in so many ways.
START A GARDEN . Spring is the perfect time to connect with nature.  With food waste contributing to more than 20% of commercial waste and 35% residential waste - composting and growing your own food has the dual benefits of reducing negative environmental impact and the positive of providing organic food with zero travel miles (and plastic!).
EAT LOCALLY & ORGANICALLY .  A choice that again has dual benefits!  Local food has less food files and if sourced from an organic grower will have less chemicals and likely zero plastic.  The win is seasonal produce, picked closer to peak ripening.

The truth is, there is no perfect sustainable life!  But having children in your life can certainly be a catalyst in considering our choices, not just for the benefit of ourselves, but the world we are gifting others. We'd love to hear your thoughts on raising children sustainably ... write to us on our Facebook!

Thank you for joining us on the Dwell Journal for our Spring of 19 journey - Celebration.
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September 19, 2019 — Dwell Store