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In Focus :: Conscious Style

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We've been musing a lot lately on gifting well ... Best practice if you will.

The HOW in choosing the perfect gift, unique gift wrapping, giving experiences and writing the note that goes alongside it.  Gifting well is definitely an art to be mastered!

Something that takes a gift to the next level is a conscious purchase.  What on earth is that you may (or may not) be thinking?  Read on.

It's cool when new directions are occurring on multiple levels. 

Increasingly, conscious design and style is being championed by our designers and brand partners, something we're seeking as a retail space and certainly being asked about more by customers in store.

Original design, quality materials, durable construction and ethical manufacturing practices.  It's where we're at and definitely where we want more people to be.



A friend of ours is developing a new product at the moment.  It seems the idea was the easy part.  A jillion samples from various makers later, the time is drawing near to pressing the 'manufacture' button!  Watching the process and journey from the beginning reminded us how much work goes in to original design and how important it is to be sure to support designers, makers & creators.  It's so tempting when you discover a cheaper imitation item in the market ... but in a world of many fakes ... we believe choosing (and gifting) an ORIGINAL is next level.

We love to champion design at Dwell Store - the designers themselves, the inspiration behind products and the process in making them.  READ our Maker/Creator series on Armadillo & Co, Basil Bangs, ELK & Marimekko!


When we first started researching conscious design, we were very interested in natural and sustainable materials.  From compostable items to renewable wood sources, there's some (very) cool innovation happening is this world.  Conversing with our designers, we found it very interesting that rather than always choosing natural, the notion of a quality, durable material relevant to the product is the most important consideration.  

Krista Huebner from Basil Bangs explained it well ... "We use a variety of materials across our products … Anodized aluminium and stainless steel metals, outdoor canvases, timber, high grade moulded plastic parts ... depending on their use and application. We use the best available materials for the application and source it from wherever it’s best: Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Plastic is a dirty word, but sometimes (like when you’re dealing with salt-spray and sand!) a marine-grade plastic is the perfect material for the job, so it’s about making the plastic as durable as possible."



Quality over quantity is always a good choice.  Especially so in our world of mass production, choosing to purchase design created to last is so important not just to our experience, but the future of our world.

We've noticed more and more our brand partners beginning to offer repair services and replacement parts for items - which is cool!  I think we've all lost a water bottle lid along the way or a strap has popped on a bag ... We love the idea of repairing an item before considering replacing it.

And nothing warms our heart more than hearing stories in store about how long (and often) customers have been using their products.  From beach umbrellas, to coffee cup collections - choosing (and giving) well is about selecting items you're going to USE ... for a long, long time.


There's so much awareness being placed in our new century on ethical manufacturing.  So important!  Knowing our supply chain and that all of the people involved are working in respectable conditions.  

Manufacturing in Australia obviously makes this easier to monitor but sometimes localised construction is just not feasible or possible for specialised design.  We love that the large majority of our brand partners have long-standing partnerships and relationships with their makers.  Many are also actively involved with social enterprises, as well as building community enhancement and education into their business model.

Giving a gift always has feel-good vibes alongside it.  But a gift that is giving also to the people's lives that made it ... that's a big warm fuzzy right there.


Located in the boutique shopping district of the Ferry Road, Brickworks Centre, Dwell Store is the Gold Coast’s leading destination space for Urban and Contemporary gifting.

"The intention of Dwell Store is to inspire and support meaningful, contemporary lifestyles.  The purpose of us discovering and curating our brands is to support our clients to create stylish welcoming homes and inspired workplaces.  To create ease and joy in travel, entertaining and extend each of these areas into thoughtful giving."

Proudly representing more than 40 emerging international and Australian functional design brands including ; AesopArmadillo & Co,  Basil BangsElk The LabelElms & KingFrank GreenHappy Socks, Hunter LabKøbnLa La LandMarimekkoMaydeNormann CopenhagenPalm Beach CollectionMiGoals, Slip Pillowcase, S’well Bottle + more.

Bespoke customisation is available for corporate clients and complimentary boutique gift wrapping is a given.  Busy at work? We're more than happy to accomodate your schedule.  Private out of hours appointments are available upon request.

Follow our brand discovery journey on and be sure to include us in your styling and gifting moments … #DwellWell

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