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Once a year, go somewhere you've never been before. ||  DALAI LAMA

Travel is a true lifestyle gift.

The opportunity to discover new places, people, architecture, culture ... is one that should be savoured and used whenever possible.

Winter is an opportune time for a getaway.  Whether it's escaping the chill to a temperature that is more exotic or getting amongst a winter wonderland snow adventure, we've been pondering the idea of late the idea of Urban Travel Style ...

Especially if your time is limited ... HOW do you ensure your adventure is maximised and filled with the style you enjoy at home?

Here's some ideas from us at Dwell Store.

[ Travel style choices by Elk the Label

PLAN AHEAD :: Whether you've got all the time in the world or just sneaking in a few days away, social recommendations and research are always your friend. You don't necessarily need a locked in itinerary, more a generous idea of culture spaces, restaurants, shops, shows and events.

A CRACKER HOTEL :: Comfort at night is a must.  Never fall for the mindset that your accomodation is 'just a place to lay your head'.  No, no, no.  Your hotel should be an inspiring combination of architecture, interior style, personal care, food and hospitality. A space for you to rest and reflect at the end of your day and store your inspiration to bring back to your everyday world.

We've always been a fan of boutique hotels.  Combining high end hospitality with the personalisation of localised, individuality.  We're especially enjoying the emergence of premium, green hospitality.  Hotels created with sustainability in mind, without compromising on experience.

[ Travel style choices by Elk the Label ] 

A GREAT BAG :: A great bag (complemented by the perfect accessories) puts ease into travel.  We can't go past ELK THE LABEL as a suggestion if you have travel in mind.  They have a collection of perfectly sized overnight bags (enough room for your purse water bottle, phone, journal, etc without begin too oversized),  passport wallets & purses.  SECRID is also a must consideration, with built in 'anti-skimming' technology, the slim line wallets are savvy and stylish choice.

TAKE A JOURNAL :: Ideas flow on holiday.  Perhaps it's the fresh environment, the new culture experiences, being away from your usual routine ... whatever it is, you want to capture those golden thought moments. The MI GOALS collection features an incredible collection of travel diaries, notebooks & bucket list books.

[ Reusable coffee cup by Frank Green & urban sneakers by Elk the Label ]

CLEAN & GREEN :: Keep up the good habits when you're traveling, avoiding single use products as much as possible.  A good reusable coffee cup, water bottle & shopping tote will keep you and the environment looking beautiful.  Shop FRANK GREEN & S'WELL BOTTLE collections for style savvy travel choices.
[ The new stainless steel collection by Frank Green makes a perfect travel companion ] 
A SWEET NIGHTS SLEEP :: If you've chosen a good hotel, high quality sheets will assuredly be a part of your package.  Still, there's nothing like the feel of home.  Tucking a SLIP PILLOWCASE into your luggage is an easy way to take the comforts of home with you (and keep your travel hair looking fab).  SLIP silk pillowcases are available at Dwell Store from our Ferry Rd space.

AN OPEN MIND :: The best travel moments happen when you're not expecting them.  It could be a conversation with a stranger, following a restaurant recommendation from your concierge or joining new friends on an adventure ... Wander with a mind that's open to new experiences.


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July 05, 2018 — Dwell Store