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Recently we received a beautiful print work produced by one of our in-store brand partners, In Bed.  If you've not connected as yet with their online journal, you really must.  Globe trotting far and wide, they visit the homes of creative people and share the most beautiful imagery of said peoples' home spaces.  The Editor's introduction to the printed journal made an interesting distinction ... 

More and more, the line between home and workspaces are blurring. 

Perhaps it is the accessibility of the internet, perhaps it is the increased flexibility our lives are demanding of us, but yes we have to agree, increasingly workspaces are becoming a part of our homes.


Whether your workspace is a desk in your home, a stand-alone room or a completely separate locale (lucky you), our workspaces offer us the opportunity to extend our personal style.

And with so much of our time spent in our work environments, it's logical that the more harmonised this environment is with our values and aesthetic preferences, the more content (and effective) we will be.


It is widely acknowledged (within our team at least) that beautiful stationery makes you a more effective worker.  From notepads to journals, planners to diaries – considered design and paper stock offers an uplift to a professional day.  Our first choice?  The MiGoals collection, every time.


Professional style extends past workspaces to both our wardrobe and accessories.  We love the idea of a highly functional bag that fits ALL the goods.  Laptop, lunch, lipstick - and whatever else a girl could need.  Elk the Label offer a wide variety of said bags ... our favourite this season?  The Perinto Tote.  


If your style is minimalistic, no words are needed.  But let it be noted, maximalism is not a license for mess.  Workspaces are always best (and personal style shines most strongly) if they are free of clutter and as streamlined as possible.  Invest in good filing systems and practise a regular decluttering routine.


Yes, it is a professional space but the best work environments are filled with personal touches.  Add art, meaningful photography, flowers to your favourite vase.  A statement chair, a coloured wall or a collection of industry related books are also a nice way to add a personal touch to a professional space.


Swapping constantly from the desktop, to smart phone, to reality ... it's no wonder our eyes need a little help.  We're very excited to welcome the ever cool eye appliances from CADDIS in store this week.  Sitting alongside a longterm favourite, Izipizi, both offer a little eye boost - in the most stylish of fashions.


Whether on the way to work, a meeting date or just a midday pick me up, coffee is a central part of any professional day.  Sustainability is the epitome of style  – be sure to tote a Frank Green rather than a disposable or be the office gal with the EXTRA special Marimekko cup.  Noting in store ... we may, or may not, match ours with our outfits.

#GiftDwell || Considerations for Meaningful & Contemporary Gifting

If you know someone who has just recently launched a business or has moved to a fresh professional space, a small gift is an incredibly thoughtful way to pass your best wishes.

A selection from the MiGoals collection, a hand poured candle by Palm Beach Collection or a ceramic cup setting by Marimekko are all great selections!

A new lunch carry, a reusable water bottle by S'well or a contemporary desk decoration may be all ideas he wouldn't select for himself!
Located in the boutique shopping district of the Ferry Road, Brickworks Centre, Dwell Store is the Gold Coast’s leading destination space for Urban and Contemporary gifting.
"The intention of Dwell Store is to inspire and support meaningful, contemporary lifestyles.  The purpose of us discovering and curating our brands is to support our clients to create stylish welcoming homes and inspired workplaces.  To create ease and joy in travel, entertaining and extend each of these areas into thoughtful giving."

Proudly representing more than 40 emerging international and Australian functional design brands including ; AesopArmadillo & Co,  Basil BangsElk The LabelFrank GreenHappy Socks, Hunter LabKøbnLa La LandMarimekkoMaydeNormann CopenhagenPalm Beach CollectionMiGoals, Slip Pillowcase, S’well Bottle, Toshi Baby + more.

Bespoke customisation is available for corporate clients and complimentary boutique gift wrapping is a given.  Busy at work? We're more than happy to accomodate your schedule.  Private out of hours appointments are available upon request.

Follow our brand discovery journey on and be sure to include us in your styling and gifting moments … #DwellWell
April 11, 2019 — Dwell Store