Iconic Marimekko Style.

"It's always much nicer to be together, in good company. Together you can handle the biggest challenges. Doing things together cultivates an atmosphere of openness and trust, which is a prerequisite to boldness and creativity."

So says Marimekko. And we couldn't agree more. 

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Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colours. Founded in 1951 by a visionary woman Armi Ratia, Marimekko is said to be one of the world's first real lifestyle brands combining fashion, bags and accessories as well as home decoration into one unique point of view.

It all began in 1949.

A gentleman by the name of Viljo Ratia founded Printex, a small Helsinki-based textile printing company, in 1949. Viljo's wife, Armi Ratia, envisioned a bold future for textile design and manufacturing. To fulfil her vision, she gathered promising young artists around her and asked them to create new and striking fabric prints for Printex. 

Alas, whilst the collection enjoyed admirers.  There were ... no buyers. 

"Armi's solution was a fashion show filled with colour, grace and exceptional patterns. The clothes designed by renowned fashion designer Riitta Immonen were literally sold on the spot. Marimekko was registered as a company five days later, on 25 May 1951. The following year Marimekko opened its first store in Helsinki." 

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"Marimekko is not about trendy fashion. We make timeless and lasting products, which are by chance, often very fashionable." Armi Ratia, 1967

Over the years, Marimekko has remained true to it's original mission.

Through timeless, distinctive and functional designs, the collection wants to empower people to be happy as they are and bring joy to their everyday lives through bold prints and colours.

Marimekko creates clear products that do a job rather than complicated and fancy goods. They believe (as do we) that people don't want to be surrounded by anything unnecessary.

The brand champions open-minded and unpretentious creativity. Their designs are built on strikingly inventive patterns and the clever use of colours. 

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Marimekko believes people should always be themselves, living their own lives and not playacting for others. We at Marimekko have always found it to be the key to a beautiful everyday life.  We want to taste the authentic flavour of life, thus finding joy and intensity for the working day.
"Once in a while it's good to ask if this tastes good or is there perhaps some off-flavour. Following fashion and pointless ingratiation should be avoided. You should just boldly follow your own internal beacon."
"We at Marimekko boldly and directly say what we're thinking, even when our opinions differ. Straight talk achieves much more than is commonly thought."


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"For us, sustainability means respecting people and the environment in everything we do. Our value "fairness to everyone and everything" crystallises our sustainability thinking. We treat other people fairly, and we create products that bring joy for a long time with minimal impact on the environment."

The focus areas of Marimekko's sustainability work are in developing sustainable design and responsible sourcing - without neglecting the entire value chain of the products.

In 2016, Marimekko published a sustainability strategy extending to the year 2020. When drawing up the strategy we took into account the feedback collected from our principal stakeholders, such as investors, NGOs, and customers.

Our sustainability strategy is crystallised into five commitments: [ 1 ]Designing timeless, long-lasting, and functional products [ 2 ] Inspiring and engaging our customers and staff [ 3 ] Promoting responsible practices throughout our supply chain [ 4 ] Being resource-efficient and caring for the environment [ 4 ] Offering an inspiring and responsible workplace

Marimekko products are designed to withstand time and stay beautiful. When properly cared for they bring joy for a long time.

"Product design is the core of Marimekko and one of the most important aspects of sustainable development. The choices made in design and product development can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of the use and lifecycle of the product. Well designed, timeless, high quality and appropriate product brings its user joy for a long time, and is therefore a sustainable choice."


Something we love about the Marimekko collection is it's collectability.
Each design is strong enough to feature by itself yet work seamlessly with either matching or complimentary designs.

"We love hearing stories in store from women that have been collecting since the 1960's or even daughters that have inherited or been been gifted collections."
Marimekko makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift.  The ceramic tea cups and tea pots are always a well received choice as are the towel or reusable bag collections.

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