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We've been practicing our French this week.

Nouveau. New.  Trés Chic. Very Chic. Ensemble. Collection.

We extend a very warm collection to Maison Balzac - the latest addition to the Dwell Store brand and lifestyle edit.

... "the serenity of the clear colour, made even dreamier with the tiny engraved stars to remind us that Maison Balzac is a dream come true" ...

Maison Balzac is one of those collections that is simply, instantly, incredibly impressive.
From the highly luxurious candle scents, the contemporary colour combinations of the glassware, to the highly considered (and enviable) collaborations ... the level of attention to detail applied to all aspects of the collection is a treat to cross paths with.

And the experience certainly continues. 

French–Australian Designer,  Elise Pioch is (true to her European heritage) highly particular and applies her taste and aesthetic to every element of her collection.  It's our pleasure to introduce you to both her and her work at Dwell Store.


Each product in the Maison Balzac collection is developed as an ode to memories from founder Elise Pioch's childhood in the South of France. “They are like Proust’s Madeleine for me! I named the brand after my grand parents, Jeanine and André Balzac, who taught me a sense of balance and style.”

From her experience working in fashion in Paris and Sydney, Elise sought to create a range that was both beautiful and sentimental. Working with makers and perfumers in Australia, France and Mongolia, she has created a range of signature objects that evoke olfactive memories or experiences.

Since 2012, Maison Balzac has greatly expanded to become a house of bespoke and ceremonious objects for everyday life, with head offices in both Sydney (Australia) and Beziers (France).

"We feel there is a shift in the way we live our lives: we have slowed down, we have focused on the essential, we can see clearly that serenity and transparency are the key values of a happier life. We are expressing this through a new collection made of calming perfumes, spiritual scents, transparent tableware and delicate ceramics Made in France by hand, slowly."


My grandmother, Jeanine Balzac, used to wear Joy by Jean Patou and would fill her home with roses from the garden. She would dry the petals and keep them in glass jars. La Rose captures her deep love for this flower.


The perfect summer duo for an evening aperitif ...

The glassware and table styling collection Maison Balzac started in 2017 is expanding continuously. The ongoing success of the range has given them the confidence to explore different categories and shades.

Each carafe set and champagne duet is individually mouth blown with coloured glass.  The setting is dishwasher safe and adds extraordinary pleasure to the (already amazing) act of drinking wine.  

Gift packaged to perfection, Maison Balzac makes an incredibly stylish choice for a highly discerning female.

The Maison Balzac La Chapelle candle is an ode to the small church home that Elise Pioch recently sold in Australia to pursue a new life in France.

"It was such a special place where memories have been built and where we always felt that the religious architecture conveyed an ultimate serene atmosphere. Following in the steps of our Silence fragrance, we built a new spiritual scent around notes of incense, myrrh, warmth and depth."

La Chapelle is to be lit whenever you need to turn a room setting into a serene cocoon. 

... perfume of the night ...

"I always dreamt of the perfect candle to light as I was reading a bed time story to my daughter; not only the flicker of the flame plays like a fairy character, but the scent helps to soothe the day and the minds. As I leave the bedroom, I switch off the candle and take it away with me, as it cools down waiting for tomorrow’s bedtime story."

For an even safer use, spray Maison Balzac scented water on bedroom pillows.

Creative Credits

Photographer :: Rachel Kara

Styled by :: Laura Anderson & Greer Lawrence

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