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Caddis is a mission disguised as reading glasses.  Join up, tune in, and get inspired by a group of highly intelligent, wildly experienced, and hyper engaged human beings.

Life's better when you can see. 

After all our reflection ... is the #DwellWell solution as simple as that?

Tim Parr, designer and Founder of CADDIS eye appliances is (clearly) is on the same page. He found himself squinting at menus and newspapers, holding them at arm’s length in the hopes of making out the blurry print. 

Drum roll.  He realised he needed his first pair of readers.

With the solution of a pair of "granny glasses" from the chemist NOT being an option – combined with his inability to find a style conducive to his personal taste ... He set about revolutionising the concept of reading accessories. 

"What if our reading glasses were a fashion statement or a stylish accessory? What if they were an “eye appliance” that made us look forward to slipping on our readers?"

If you’re over 40, you’re one of the 90 percent of people who needs reading glasses. Presbyopia — the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects — is a natural part of ageing. It happens when the natural lens in the eye gets less flexible, and it happens to us all at some point.

While many lifestyle brands traditionally have steered away from older consumers for fear of losing their appeal to the youth market, Parr believes this thinking is tired and in need of an overhaul. “Forty is not the new 30. Forty is 40. Own it.” 

If anybody can accomplish this, it’s Parr. The Mill Valley (California) designer lectures at such places as Stanford School of Design, the California Institute of the Arts and has partaken in the Interbike. behind such iconic brands as Patagonia, Filson, and L.L. Bean. 

Be sure to click on over to the CADDIS blog.  Sharing interesting reads, titled HUMONGOUS LIVING and stories about (40+ year old) innovators and creatives, ARCHITECTS & CUSTODIANS.

Caddis is quickly gaining a cult following, with a growing customer base who proudly post photos of themselves (and their Caddis glasses) with hash #mycaddis. Says one poster, “If I’m going to surrender to progressive lenses, I’m at least going to do it with biggest black frames I can find.” Another wrote, “Suddenly getting older is the coolest thing you can do. Love my new Caddis readers.”

“Worshipping ‘youth’ is so tired, crowded, un-authentic. If we can get people to reconsider the beliefs around ageing, which is what happened in that moment, we’re accomplishing our mission.” Tim Parr


Other (highly functional) THINGS ...


Original designs, hand crafted from acetate

Optical grade lenses

Anti Scratch – with superior hard coating

Anti Reflective coatings – mitigate reflection and glare

Anti Smudge – with hydro-phobic and oleo-phobic coatings

Located in the boutique shopping district of the Ferry Road, Brickworks Centre, Dwell Store is the Gold Coast’s leading destination space for Urban and Contemporary gifting.
"The intention of Dwell Store is to inspire and support meaningful, contemporary lifestyles.  The purpose of us discovering and curating our brands is to support our clients to create stylish welcoming homes and inspired workplaces.  To create ease and joy in travel, entertaining and extend each of these areas into thoughtful giving."

Proudly representing more than 40 emerging international and Australian functional design brands including ; AesopArmadillo & Co,  Basil Bangs, CaddisElk The LabelFrank GreenHappy Socks, Hunter LabKøbnLa La LandMarimekkoMaydeNormann CopenhagenPalm Beach CollectionMiGoals, Slip Pillowcase, S’well Bottle, Toshi Baby + more.

Bespoke customisation is available for corporate clients and complimentary boutique gift wrapping is a given.  Busy at work? We're more than happy to accomodate your schedule.  Private out of hours appointments are available upon request.

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