Marimekko ... & CO. || Styling Considerations for when you have company.

We've all been there.  A dinner, a party, an event ... Where the styling was totally BOSS.  Like, get your phone out, this is going straight on Instagram ... next level.

As a guest, considered event & table styling makes you feel privileged and highly thought about. 

Putting time, effort and personal thoughtfulness into table and event styling is incredibly good manners.  And a perfect opportunity to ...



[ A selection of the Marimekko ceramics collection :: SHOP IT ]

Early this week, we received directly from Finland, our new season Marimekko delivery.  Quite a large selection of beautiful ceramics, towelling and cushions ... and our customers are STRAIGHT onto it.

One of our regular favourites, had a selection of Spaljé bowls on order - in preparation for her Christmas table. Being mid October, clearly she's a lady that takes her tablescaping seriously.

Inspiringly, it made us contemplate ...  Event and table styling is not necessarily a difficult skill set but it definitely takes planning and time to get right.

Spring & Summer are the seasons for outdoor entertaining. If we wanted to take our hosting experience up a level this season ... what would we have to do?


Spring & Summer is the perfect opportunity to take your event location outdoors.  Take advantage of your landscape & local flora to add atmosphere to your occasion.  Consider how many people are attending your event, how you'll seat them and the serving logistics of your location.


Your theme could be inspired by your occasion or your personal creativity ... or both. Choose a feel, choose your colours, choose your textures and a considered hero piece to bring attention to & anchor your theme.  

Something we love about the Marimekko collection is it's styling versatility.  You may choose a very minimalistic, monochrome setting with the Rasÿmatto collection or a maximalist feature (balanced in a minimalistic setting) with the Mynsteri or Unikko illustrations. Or you could combine the two.  The Marimekko illustrations have been created to both stand alone and work in compliment to each other.



Ceramics, glassware & cutlery are of course the functional foundation of entertaining.  Investing in a good quality collection of all will serve you time after time when hosting.  

The Marimekko ceramics and Normann Copenhagen glassware collections are both longstanding and hold the benefit of being able to add to or replace items as needed.



Adding personal creativity and style to your food & drinks menu is as important (and fun) as your visual styling to your guests experience.  Our vote is local, fresh & simplistic (with a twist of luxe) all the way.  Be sure to consider dietary requirements and guests that don't consume alcohol.

[ Marimekko styles beautifully with the contemporary glassware from Normann Copenhagen ]


Memorable experiences are created when our senses are stimulated.  Consider audio, visual, taste and smell and touch when planning your event.  A specially curated Spotify list and a smattering of scented candles could be just what you need to add the final touch to your event.



They say not to speak business, money, politics or religion but seriously, the conversation's pretty dull if you don't.  Consider who is attending your event and think of some thoughtful topics and questions that will promote interesting conversation at your event.  We love the rule of thumb ... Low grade conversation is about the past, mediocre conversation is about others, inspiring conversation is about ideas & the future.


#StyledbyDwell || Gifting, Entertaining and Styling ideas for a Contemporary Lifestyle 
Introducing the Marimekko collection to a friend or loved family member is such a treat.  In production since the 1960's the range is of incredible quality, highly usable and very, very collectable.
A matching Marimekko mug and small plate is one our favourite 'go to's' for a sweet little birthday or thank you gift.  Marimekko styles beautifully with the In Bed table collection if you're wanting to build a more substantial gift.
A complete coffee, towel or dining set by Marimekko is a beautiful gift if you're attending a wedding.  If we do not have your needed quantity in current stock, please contact us in store as larger collections are available to order.


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October 18, 2018 — Dwell Store