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Real. Straight Up.  Hilarious.  Fun.
What you see is what you get with Sylvia Hill.  Founder of our favourite Turkish towel collection, Mayde.

Recently she came to visit us at our Ferry Road space.  Amongst laughs, we had a long conversation about how she started her business, her brand and the humanistic story behind her collections.

And of course, we got chatting about what it means to ... #DwellConsciously 

[ Mayde Vaucluse Throw ]

We love everything that Mayde represents.

Original Design.  Natural textiles.  Limited Edition.  Fair Trade. 

Were these aspects of Mayde intentional in your business?

"To an extent.  But many of these aspects tend to be happy accidents - we found a product we love and just so happened to find out it’s made using natural cotton, coloured with vegetable dyes and created by families who have been looming for generations and pass on the skills to the younger gen.

These days we definitely pay more attention to those kinds of details.

We don’t want mass produced products in our range. It’s not for us and we know that with small runs, we’re not contributing to the problem of mass consumer wastage". 

[ Summercloud Towel by Mayde ]

Do you think Australians choosing to #DwellConsciously (or not) impacts our communities and world?

"Of course! No matter how small, every bit counts. From your weekly recycling through to having sustainable gardens and water tanks - there’s no space for laziness when it comes to ensuing our planet is cared for.
Most important (I think), is making sure the next generation sees the mistakes that were made by the generations before them.  
When communities get together and show our kids the way to do things, we’re hopefully planting those seeds to ensure they have a beautiful planet to show their own children one day. Being kind to each other and being kind to our world are definitely two very important ways of life that we're teaching, and will continue to teach, our kids as they grow".

[ Mayde Designer, Syliva Hill in her Gold Coast studio ]

Thoughts on original design?  What is your design inspiration each year?

"I am in awe of the designers who bring so much wonder and beauty into the world. It may be my inner material girl, but with so much bleak news in the world, seeing something designed beautifully is just a nice break from reality. I pour over home wares magazines and whilst I might not take note of every colour trend coming (or going), I will pay attention to things that just pop out to me. If it sits in line with our brand, we’ll explore our colour and design options around that idea and go from there".

Where are your goods made?

"All of our products are made in Turkey. We have relationships with key suppliers who we organise designs and orders through and they distribute our work to a variety of ateliers in Southern Turkey for production".

[ Turkish looming machine ]

"Our collection definitely keeps the wonderful tradition of hand looming alive. 

Hand looming is a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, and some of the looms the families use are very old.

Many of the ateliers have families that work together.  Everyone gets involved. Creating the towels means artisans can continue providing for their family, whilst also keeping the Turkish textile industry history & region well and truly intact and thriving".

Here is a look into the production world of Mayde.

[ Vaucluse Throw by Mayde ]

What materials do you use in your product?

"All our products are made using 100% natural cotton, which is grown in the southern Turkey region of Buldan. The cotton is exceptional in its qualities, and we have been told many times (and never argue with it) that Buldan cotton is superior to Egyptian cotton.  Some of our products are also woven with bamboo and we currently also have a throw that is produced with lambswool.

We always intended to have a quality product. 

Something that is mass produced and using inferior materials to save a few bucks was never part of what we wanted. The cotton is strong, it’s lightweight, it dries fast, it has lots of qualities that we align ourselves with and wanted to have as part of our product offering".

How do you consider longevity in your collection?

"We’re lucky that towels (to be general), are one of those things that just hang around. I can honestly say all the Mayde towels in our home have been used countless times. They’re not something you dispose of quickly, plus, there’s the heritage element to them as well. The history of towel (or “peshtmemal”) production in Turkey spans back hundreds of years – that’s got to say something for the longevity of this sort of product".

Can you recycle Mayde?

"Definitely. We encourage all our customers to make as much use out of our products as possible, in a variety of ways. Use the Mayde collection as a towel, picnic blanket, wrap, table cloth, throw, gym towel – and then, when the life of the towel is up, use it for your cleaning needs. Unless the towel is totally destroyed, it can just be kept and used for many, many years, in many, many ways".

[ Autumn18. Original artwork created for Dwell Store by Art-Work Agency ]

Alas, our Summer is closing.  Thankfully, the Mayde collection transfers from beach to bathroom seamlessly.  
With a palette ranging from high colour to neutral, the towels fold beautifully and make a quality style choice for the spa or bathroom.
A set of authentic Turkish towel makes a considered and very keepable gift.  Perfect for a baby shower, birthday or wedding celebration.

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March 29, 2018 — Dwell Store