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What a treat to welcome Miss Frankie to the Dwell Store edit.  Created by professional manicurist and salon owner Kara Jeffers, Miss Frankie is polish that’s passionate about your long-term nail wellbeing. Featuring ALL the tick boxes ... an innovative 10 free, cruelty free, vegan formula & made proudly in Australia.  The only challenge?  Choosing the colours ... SO many good ones!

Thank you to Kara for taking time to share with us a little of her 'BTS' world.


MF – I owned a nail salon in Melbourne for 11 years and it was a natural progression for me to create my own nail polish brand.  I was always passionate about natural nails (we never did gels or acrylics in my salon) so creating a line that was all about taking care of your own nails was a perfect fit. 


MF – When I had my salon I saw the demand increase for polishes that were free from nasties along with SO many clients wanting to move away from SNS and Shellac nails.  I knew there was room in the market for an Australian made product that was made using quality ingredients but was also Vegan and Cruelty Free.   I found a manufacturer here in Australia that aligned with my philosophy and could create my ideal polish.  I also worked with an amazing graphic designer who brought the look and feel of my brand to life. 


MF – After many years of prettying up the hands and feet of many women (and some men!) I know what colours people like.  My core colours are made up of a mix of neutrals and some pops of colour.  I do look at trends for seasons ahead and am always getting samples colours made up before I choose the final versions to be included in Miss Frankie’s line up. I also felt it was imperative that I offered a full range of products, not just multiple shades, but treatments too. Applying a base and top coat is key to achieving a flawless manicure. Without the two, your base won’t be as smooth, you’ll miss out on a shiny finish and your manicure won’t last as long.


MF – It’s all about the preparation and patience.  Make sure you file and buff your nails and wipe back any oils or residues before you start painting so the polish adheres well.  Apply coats evenly and don’t stress too much if the first coat looks streaky as it will even out on the second coat.  Try and wait a few minutes between applying coats and for longevity apply top coat every few days to keep polish sealed and looking shiny.  

For my collection I made sure I chose a thicker, flat brush as I knew most of my Miss Frankie customers would be painting their nails themselves – l wanted to make application easy.

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C/O Miss Frankie.


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February 05, 2020 — Dwell Store