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Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987 with the clear objective of formulating skin, hair and body care products of the finest quality. 

Plant based and laboratory-made ingredients are combined with intellectual rigour,  sincerity and many years of collective learning.  Every Aesop product is created with the highest levels of attention to detail - intrinsic to every aspect of the company.

Aesop as a brand, advocates appropriate use of their formulations as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes tasty nutritious food, daily exercise, and certain therapeutic indulgences - a responsible intake of excellent red wine, inspiring music and a subscription to The Paris Review.

It's no wonder we enjoy it so much.

Aesop is a thinking person's brand.  Shaped around an ideal of beauty in which humility and honesty are key drivers of day to day activity.  Aesop is differentiated from the majority of the beauty industry, which is largely driven by market surveys, vulgar appearances and questionable promises. 
Aesop as a brand believes in individuality as a reflection of respect and curiosity for every place in the world in which they extend their presence.
Aesop was an ancient Greek fabulist, thought to be a Phrigian slave who roamed the country reciting morality tales.  With the general existence of little morality in the world of commerce, it seemed fitting at the foundation of Aesop for the brand to be anchored in thoughts and action with merit.
From the outset, Aesop has maintained a fiercely independent approach to product research and development. 
A team of skilled chemical scientists work in a utilitarian, custom built laboratory - conceptualising product ideas, researching blends and creating prototypes.  Ingredients with a proven history of safety and efficacy are sourced from the most reputable suppliers across the globe and married with contemporary technology to craft formulations of exceptional quality.
Today, the Aesop range offers three comprehensive categories of skin care, hair and body care formulations, fragrances, personal care, gift kits and products for the home.  All Aesop products are produced and packaged in Australia.  Aesop does not test on animals or use any animal derived or produced ingredients.

Interestingly, whilst Aesop products are well known for their evocative aromas, these are an incidental pleasure.  Each essential oil is selected primarily for the benefit it brings to the formulation in which it is used.  No synthetic fragrances are added to Aesop products.

Aesop believes unequivocally that well considered design improves our lives, and so a sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design extends to every aspect of Aesop's workings - not least their spaces.

Each Aesop boutique is unique - created in collaboration with architects who share their philosophy around design. 

They shun the majority of marketing techniques widely embraced by other brands.  Whilst paying heed to the aesthetics of packaging, the Aesop presentation is uniform, so as not to detract attention from the product inside.  The company aims to minimise the use of packaging whilst maximising the investment into the internal contents.

Aesop's packaging uses recyclable glass, plastic, aluminum and cardboard as much as possible, providing such use does not compromise the stability or integrity of their product.  The greater number of Aesop products are packaged in the iconic pharmaceutical grade amber glass - protecting from UV light and enabling the addition of minimal preservatives to the collection.

Image and content credit :: Aesop

Dwell Store is proud to be a chosen boutique stockist of the Aesop collection.  Kindly enquire in store about the collection or book an appointment at your convenience.

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"The intention of Dwell Store is to inspire and support meaningful, contemporary lifestyles.  The purpose of us discovering and curating our brands is to support our clients to create stylish welcoming homes and inspired workplaces.  To create ease and joy in travel, entertaining and extend each of these areas into thoughtful giving."

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Bespoke customisation is available for corporate clients and complimentary boutique gift wrapping is a given.  Busy at work? We're more than happy to accomodate your schedule.  Private out of hours appointments are available upon request.

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