The Art of Outdoor Entertaining – Season Chats with La La Land creatives, Murilo Manzini & Lilly Perrot
The Celebration season has started and the slide into Christmas is real.  The social calendars are about to get full! Socialising at this time of year in Australia lends itself to outside ...

Think poolside, a picnic on the grass or saying cheers in a warm balcony air flow.  

Easy, breezy, fun is what the silly season is about.  Oh, and a very instagrammable table scape.

A long time favourite in store, La La Land create picnic styling collections verging on cult status.  Melamine plates, cups & platters – complimented by reusable tote bags and hilarious gift cards to match ...

The unveiling of any La La Land series is always FUN.  But one of the year anticipations is the annual Christmas collection.  A warm welcome to 'Tropical Abode' by Murilo Manzini and 'Festive Fuzzies' by Lilly Perrot.  And a big thank you to the artists for sharing their creative inspiration with us!
Tropical Abode was created for La La Land in house artist, Murilo Manzini.  Continuing on from the popularity of his, "Frida's Paradise" collection, the series is a super colourful blend of Australia, South America with a hit of festive.
What inspired this art series?
"Together with our creative director Elie Azzi, we looked to Frida Kahlo's world of colour and Mexican culture to create a paradise that reflects what we could only imagine Frida's tropical abode would look like. We also introduced some Australian cockatoos with the tropical Mexico elements to bring a bit of La La Land to the design!"
What design processes or art techniques did you use?
"I started collecting references from Mexico fauna, flora as well as styled rooms keeping in mind spaces I imagined Frida would like to live in. Then I began to sketch different interiors bringing all the elements together, such as, colourful pot plants, decorative tiles, fairy lights, rugs and of course some more quirky elements like the disco ball hanging from the ceiling! Tropical Abode was created digitally in photoshop. My approach was to try and make it as painterly as possible."
Are you celebrating anything special this Spring?
"Spring marks four years of living in Australia and I am sooooo happy to be in such a beautiful country and all of the things I've achieved here so far. Spring is just the best season for a celebration like that."
Favourite ways to celebrate?
"I love being around friends and enjoying a picnic at the beach or anywhere surrounded by nature. Also anything creative puts me in the mood of celebration. I've just recently started a huge canvas, my biggest yet, and it may be finish just in time for another celebration this spring!"
The Festive Fuzzie's series was created for La La Land by in house artist, Lilly Perrot.  In her words ...
"Floating Fuzzie's was inspired by the hero of all Australian summers, the pool. We felt like it was an iconic symbol that contributes to being something so uniquely Australian. Almost everyone has a cherished memory of spending time by the pool whether it was at your friend's school pool party, your family friend's pool with all your crazy cousins or if you were lucky enough in your very own and the sense of refreshing happiness it can bring. That nostalgic setting paired with our iconic Aussie animals enjoying their own private pool party was too cute to pass up so I set about illustrating fun caricatures of each animal and popping them in probably one of the more contemporary accessories of the Australian pool - novelty floaties!"
What design processes or art techniques did you use?
"I sketched out over-exaggerated caricatures of the featured animals until I got the right soft edges and playful poses and expressions, then I developed the illustration in photoshop building on a really rounded style by using lots of glossy highlights and soft shadows to build them up to look more fun and stylised than realistic."
Are you celebrating anything special this Spring?
"I'm celebrating 6 months of sea change! I've moved from the city down south to Bulli and am very excited to have a lot of national parks around me so every day is a celebration of native birds and flowers during spring."
Favourite ways to celebrate?
"Getting out in my garden and growing our own food, walking down to the beach for early morning surfs, and snapping away at my landscape around me to take home and sketch and paint all the beautiful landscapes that come to life in Spring!"
In addition to the foundational collection of melamine picnic wares, market totes & greeting cards, you'll find the Tropical Abode & Floating Fuzzies series front and centre in the La La Land Christmas collection. 
The gift boxed sets of 6 baubles are a favourite in store with the single decorations a close second.  They are a great choice if you'd to send a little piece of Australia overseas for Christmas or add a pop of original art into your home styling this festive season.
Thank you for joining us on the Dwell Journal for our Spring of 19 journey - Celebration.
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