Wild Fur You.  A chat with La La Land illustrator, Lilly Perrott.
We've been musing on our window install to celebrate this coming Valentine's Day.

The day that you either love.  Or really, really don't.

Let's be real.  We can talk about self love & the love of friendship all we like but unless you've got someone showering you with red roses and a rocking gift, no one's going to blame you if you think Valentine's is really a day that should hurry on by.
So we thought we'd have some fun this year.  Saying NO to the conventional red hearts and head into the jungle.  Because we're WILD FUR YOU.
We've held the WILD FUR YOU reusable tote in store for a couple of seasons now. She's a goody for coaxing a laugh.  And starting a good debate on whether it's socially acceptable to actually use this design in public. 

Our vote?  Of course it is.

Anything boasting original art always gets a YES from us.  Which is why the LA LA LAND collection is such a favourite.  This Summer, we were lucky to catch a chat with studio illustrator, Lilly Perrott and learn about what Summer adventures & meaningful gifting are to her. 

ADVENTURE.  What does it mean to you? For me, to have an adventure is to go anywhere with the uncertainty of how it will pan out. Earlier this year I travelled around India with my partner with zero plans of where we'd end up and it was DEFINITELY an adventure!  

How would you describe your Summer in Australia? Australia's 'Summer Lifestyle' is one to be envious of. For me it involves getting up early to beat the heat with all your daily tasks and then by the afternoon it's unwinding outside by the beach, at the park or in your friend's inflatable pool with some drinks, followed by a sunset BBQ that rolls lazily into a warm evening. Living in Sydney by the coast means there's always time to escape to the water so I feel most people work that as an essential into their summer lifestyle.
Holiday plans this Summer? Plenty of mini surf escapes to the south and north coast with my partner in his van. The East Coast has so many great pockets of pristine beaches to explore, we love discovering new ones every summer!

What’s in you beach bag? My beach bag is a rotation between my Bugs N Roses and Cockatoos Of Australia Market shopper bags.  I've always got a big oversized towel, a nice light Indian blanket to cover up or lay on, my stainless steel water bottle, Citrus Florals Eco Can for coffees, local brand sunglasses, Invisible Zinc, whatever book I'm reading and headphones for when I want to tune out!

  #GiftDwell || Considerations for Contemporary & Meaningful Gifting

La La Land is a go to gifting collection for the fun & quirky someone in your life.  The reusable market totes (all featuring original illustrations) are a very popular (and SO usable) gifting choice in store.  As are the melamine picnic plates and cups ... such fun styling choices for outdoor picnics and very appropriate for friends with children.


"I make an effort to make my gifts. Last year, I upcycled some lovely glass bottles from my friend's juice shop and painted Australian florals onto them then filled each bottle with real Australian flowers to gift to my family members, along with some hampers I put together from our local market stalls. Shopping small and supporting those independent brands means a lot to them. Also when gifting to people in your life who seem to have everything, I ended up choosing to donate to a charity they were passionate about in their name." Lilly Perrott


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February 07, 2019 — Dwell Store